to the Versus Project!

Here, at Versus Market, we are resurrecting the wholesome darknet vending and buying community. We are honored to invite you to join us at Versus Url!

With your requisite humble help we would be able to built something more than a usual marketplace. Our aim is to achieve quintessence of online shopping, the cosmopolitanism in the world of darkmarkets, Eden for buyers and vendors.

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Testimonials of Versus

I’ve recently started my vending business on Versus, and so far I loved everything! Will push all of my old and new customers here! We believe Versus will be the next GO TO Market!.

I am really impressed so far with versus. I think once whitehouse market goes down this will become the biggest market around. On-site wallets are really the thing of the past and versus is really easy to use and understand.

We here at MysteryInc have been blown away by the professionalism of the Versus staff, and could not be happier to be a new vendor using their platform. The website is awesome, the staff are friendly, communicative and helpful. We truly do recommend this market to vendors and buyers alike. Not just for ease of access, but for security too.